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Repairing ALL BRANDS of power equipment is our speciality!


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We are Jody and Chauncey Locklear. We are a father and son duo that offer quality small engine repairs at affordable prices. We are here to help nurture and grow our community in positive ways. Papas' is a family owned business with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality engine repair, and community wellness. If you are in need of our services, please give us a call. 


We repair push mowers, riding mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, edgers, generators, hedgers, water pumps, blowers, rototillers, lawn tractors, and just about anything else that uses a small engine and operates on land. Whether your lawn equipment operates on electricity or combustion, we can likely fix it!  Call us today!


We cater to a diverse group of small and large businesses that rely on power equipment to get the job done and on time. Whether you are an arborist, contractor,  lawn care provider, or any other company that needs its engines running optimally, talk to us about our service plans. 

"Papa's small engine repair exceeded my expectations and I will most certainly be coming back to them again ."

Dane Fisher, Port Townsend Resident